Contest Phases

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The different phases of the contest are administered as follows:

  1. Between seasons:
    • Edit botbrackets_vw_home
    • Edit botbrackets_vw_calendar
    • Edit botbrackets_template with a new copyright year
    • Go into season admin and add season for (Year).
  2. Pre-Contest entry period:
    • Go into season admin and enable results.
    • Go into site admin and set everyone inactive.
  3. After Selection Sunday:
    • Go into team entry and enter all the teams.
    • Go into season admin and flip season to active.
    • Go into schedule admin and enter dates for all upcoming games. Time can stay TBA.
    • Regenerate all entries.
    • Recalculate scores (which will set the scores to 0).
  4. Once entries lock:
    • Go into season admin and lock the season.
    • Regenerate all entries.
  5. After championship game:
    • Go into season admin and finalize the season.