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2016 Season

This year adds a "who to root for" page where we track win percentage for upcoming games when doing the statistical analysis.

2015 Season

There are a few changes this year:

  • The edit page now uses AJAX for the scoring and debugging functions.
  • The list of upcoming games for a bot are now in calendar order instead of internal ID order.

The other changes this year are in the backend tools and in Google login. Google decided to shut down their OpenID service, so the site has been switched to use OAuth2 login. You shouldn't notice anything too different; let me know if you run into any problems.

2014 Season

There are a couple new features this year:

  • You can now associate multiple OpenID logins to the same account in case a provider (like MyOpenID) decides to shut down.
  • During the contest, the results page will show each entry's percent chance of winning. In addition, each entry on the results page now has a tooltip that shows the full rank distribution.

All the other changes this year are in the stats scraper tool, which is now up on GitHub.

2013 Season

There are no rule changes this year.

The enhancements to the site are mostly backend this year. I have added several new administration tools that should make running the contest a bit easier for me.

2012 Season

There have been several rule changes for the 2012 season:

  • The contest is no longer invitation-only.
  • You are now allowed up to 5 entries. Previously, the limit was 3.
  • The scoring rules have changed. See Scoring Rules (2012).
  • The number of "games" correct is used as a tiebreaker (see below).

There have been a number of enhancements to the results page:

  • The number of "games" correct is now tracked. If you pick a game as 75%, a correct pick is worth 75% of a game.
  • During the contest, the minimum / maximum scores are accompanied by minimum / maximum ranks.
  • You can now go back and view results of previous years.
  • An opt-in daily results summary email is available at Settings > User Info.

There are also some changes that affect entry scripts:

  • There are new $Score1 and $Score2 inputs for the number of points you will get for picking team1 and team2 at 100%, respectively.
  • The Games list for each team is now in chronological order. (Previously, it was in an arbitrary order.)
  • The online JavaScript editor has been changed. This fixes the "ghosting" problems seen with some browsers.
  • You can check scores for multiple years on the edit page.